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Our knowledge in the forestry business allows us to create software’s for digitalizing and automatizing and increasing productivity from every process in the chain. 

We have experience in web and mobile apps’ development for businesses who need tools that allow their digital transformation rapidly, increasing their processes’ efficiency and efficacy using the best technologies. 

We generate product prototypes in short spans of time by using agile methodologies. This enables an early validation of the app from users.

Design and development of an innovative risk management and fire propagation prediction system that allows monitoring of forest fires through Machine Learning algorithms and satellite images

With the support of ANII and the joint work with the University of La República, we are working on a project that seeks to design and implement an innovative risk management and fire propagation prediction system that allows monitoring of forest fires through Machine Learning algorithms and satellite images.

It is expected that due to climate change, extreme weather events will begin to appear more frequently in the region. Some, such as changes in rainfall patterns and heat waves (increases in the mean surface temperature for a limited period) already manifest themselves at certain times of the year, bringing important consequences.

It is within the framework of this tendency to have to face increasingly extreme and dynamic climatic conditions, that we find ourselves with the recent events of forest fires worldwide, and that in Uruguay hit more than 20,000 hectares in the year 2021. Based on This great problem arises as a proposal to solve a concern raised by the Society of Forest Producers; a Combustibility Index and a fire risk and propagation management system that complement the weather index developed by INUMET, also generating a comprehensive tool for predicting the probability, displacement and severity of fires for the country.

As part of this project, 3 main models will be implemented: 1- one for the characterization of fuels from the processing of satellite images, used as input for the calculation of a soil combustibility index, 2- another for the prediction of risk areas of fire and 3- another for the prediction of the most probable directions of propagation of a fire source. In turn, the development of comprehensive management software as a final product will allow the integration of all the models, with the aim of generating a powerful management tool, with sufficient updating for timely decision-making. 

Automatization in weed control in the forestry sector project:

With ANII’s support, we are currently working on the development of a software which allows to carry out herbicide applications in forest plantations in a selective manner, using sprayer drones. Said developments’ purpose is to make herbicide applications more efficient, not only would these not have to be done necessarily in total area, but also would these enable our clients to reduce costs and develop more environmentally friendly practices by reducing both water and agrochemicals use.

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