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Our knowledge of the forestry business allows us to generate solutions for our clients that allow them to improve and optimize their processes throughout the entire forestry chain. Our company can tailor-make applications for companies that need to optimize their operations and improve their logistics. 

By working with lean methodologies, we are able to generate products in short periods of time and in a sustained manner that can be validated fast by our clients.

FOOS: Forwarding Optimal Outcome Software for the forestry industry

Our software helps forwarder operators and company planning areas to reduce forwarder travel by considering paths, soils, field obstacles and the location of wood stacks in the field. The system workflow consists in:

1. Upload Data like paths, fields and stacking areas.

2. Set up Forwarder capacity, eg: 20 tons or 25 tons specifying the forwarder model.

3. Upload blocked areas into de software (like shp format)

4. Software Simulation Set up: configure simulation parameters, eg: distance, paths, wood stack set up like height, length and wide.

5. Software Optimization gives you representative forwarding paths per field zones, mean, maximum and minimum forwarding distances and its recommendation system gives you the better forwarding paths per field zones changing blocked zones if you wish.

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