A bridge between We offer technical assessment in every area, from the nursery to the harvest.
We are experts in quality control, data science and research, development and innovation.
Our knowledge converts us in the best partner for implementing improvements in your process.
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Software and Digitalization

Our knowledge in the forestry business allows us to create software’s for digitalizing and automatizing and increasing productivity from every process in the chain.Learn more

Consultancy and R&D

Our expertise is quality management which, in addition to our R&D experiences, makes of us a strategic partner to execute upgrades in key processes for the business.Learn more

Management and Use of Technology

We help different members of the chain to implement new technology as well as advise on better management of these.Learn more

Data Science and AI

We have the sufficient knowledge to extract worthy information from data generated by companies, allowing them to give rise to relevant conclusions for your business.Learn more

Logistics and Optimization

Our knowledge of the forestry business allows us to generate solutions for our clients that allow them to improve and optimize their processes throughout the entire forestry chain. Learn more

Our Mission

We aim to be a referent company in the forestry area, providing with services ranging from Data Science to Software and Technology.


We help downloading as well as using the technology.

Problem solving

We solve difficulties.


We make the systems function.


We seek the best solution to complex issues.



Santiago Ferrando

Santiago Ferrando

Leticia Rohner

Leticia Rohner

Control de calidad
Andrea Faller

Andrea Faller

Consultancy and R&D
Pamela Fagundez

Pamela Fagundez

Quality Control


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