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Our expertise is quality management which, in addition to our R&D experiences, makes of us a strategic partner to execute upgrades in key processes for the business.

We assist our clients on defining their forest management as well as deploying or diversifying their services’ offer, providing assessment during the different stages of their projects.

Consultancy in drones for operations

We are currently working on validation projects in the forestal area using drone technology. In the beginning of 2020, a technical consultancy was given to a corporate client with the aim of validating drone technology in pulverization and granulated applications, allowing the company to select a fast and efficient technology implementation strategy.

In order to do that, besides from doing essays to determine the most beneficial flight and operation parameters given the different situations of the field, operational essays are done in realistic situations as to verify and validate the hypothesis given in previous essays.

Gestión y Uso de Tecnologías

Harvest and road

We have the experience to validate innovative road construction techniques, as well as to measure timing and analyzing data from harvest systems in real time. We have also participated in validation projects of technologies made to automatize and digitalize the information extracted from these teams for upgrading projects implemented by our clients.

International benchmarking

Thanks to our network of contacts with forestal companies among the region, we accompany our clients to exchange and generate knowledge in the field of regrowth control with feller buncher.

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