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Our expertise is quality management which, in addition to our R&D experiences, makes of us a strategic partner to execute upgrades in key processes for the business.

We assist our clients on defining their forest management as well as deploying or diversifying their services’ offer, providing assessment during the different stages of their projects.

Visit to technology centers and companies in New Zealand and Australia

In 2023, with the support of the National Agency for Research and Innovation of Uruguay (ANII), we generated an approach with the forestry sector of New Zealand and Australia with a focus on: forestry research centers, universities, and forestry and technology services companies.

Thanks to this project we were able to generate an exchange between several of these organizations with companies established in Uruguay. The product of this is the implementation in Uruguay during this 2023 of 2 technological projects that improve the Eucalyptus plantation traceability process, automating the process and obtaining silvicultural data in real time, as is already being done in New Zealand and Australia. In addition, support was generated between companies from that part of the world with Uruguayan companies in accelerating processes such as: processing of information generated with LiDAR sensors with drones and improving the evaluation of the quality of silvicultural management in pine plantations. To close, the doors were left open to exchange with the research centers of both countries to collaborate in generating a joint scientific production in aspects related to remote sensing.

To close, the doors were left open to exchange with the research centers of both countries to collaborate in generating a joint scientific production in aspects related to remote sensing

Visit to Innovation Centers in Boston Massachusetts

In 2022 we visited companies that use artificial intelligence to improve production processes such as nurseries and forestry in the United States. Thanks to this visit, a project was generated in which we are working with North American companies in the implementation of a system that, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, performs an early detection of diseases, water and nutritional deficits in Eucalyptus clones for Uruguayan conditions.

Consultancy in drones for operations

In 2019, we gave assessment to a national company in the validation and the subsequent acquisition of this technology, going over different factories located in China, evaluating potential manufacturers who suit the needs of our clients’ market. We wandered through nine factories in China’s different poles of drones’ development. Concurrently, we took courses in order to manage the technology recommended to our client, with a view to lend assessment and support once said technology is implemented to a local scale.

Consultancy in mechanization and digitalization

We provide assessment in disposable technologies to an international scale in order to upgrade percentages of mechanization in silviculture, visiting operations an maintaining meetings with companies’ technical team who look forward to increasing their mechanization index. In 2019, we visited Indonesia accompanying one of our clients to bring assessment to one of the country’s referent companies in cellulose production. In the same instance, we visited Vietnam where this production is done manually, seeking to share the technology developed in our country.

During the same year, we visited Veracell, a company located in Porto Seguro, Brazil, in order to bring technical consultancy about digitalization and implementation of new validated technologies so that businesses can rely on our experience when choosing a technology implementation strategy in the most efficient way.

Quality control in operations

We are specialists, and pone wide experience in the control systems’ implantation and development in nursery, forestry, harvest and road. Our quality control services range from automatized or semi-automatized basic verifications, to thoroughly detailed evaluations related to the standards set by our clients.

Altogether, along with our analytics and digital metrics development services, we provide our clients with all the information needed to take the adequate decisions at the time of improving operational quality, including both processes level and product.

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